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DeAngelo Williams Fined For “Find The Cure” Eye Black

Another week, another story centered around a Pittsburgh Steelers’ eye black. DeAngelo Williams has been fined for wearing his “Fine The Cure” eye black, according to a tweet sent out by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

Fowler’s tweet is cut off but it ends with him noting this is the first such fine Williams has ever received for it.

Cam Heyward was fined twice for his “Iron Head” eye black supporting his fathe’s losing battle to cancer. He ultimately decided to wear plain eye black and avoid being fined.

It is not so much the uniform policy that bugs fans. If the NFL was consistent with their rulings, it would be frustrating but a lot more understandable. But the fact Heyward had worn his since at least last season and Williams for over five years, and now suddenly gets fined for it, the rules become arbitrary. When a great cause like Devon Still’s “Leah Strong” is permitted by the league but Williams’ and Heyward’s causes are not, the league’s hypocrisy is magnified.

UPDATE: Cornerback William Gay has also been fined for wearing his purple cleats to promote domestic violence. Like Williams and Heyward, Gay has done this before without a fine.

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