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Cameron Heyward Fined For Eye Black That Honored Father

Cameron Heyward wore eye black Monday night with the words “Iron” and “Head” to each side, a small tribute to his father Craig “Ironhead” Heyward who passed away from bone cancer in 2006.

Evidently, the NFL wasn’t happy with that because according to Heyward’s twitter feed, he’s been fined for the act.

The NFL has always had a frustratingly specific unfirom policy. You’ll recall that during Monday’s broadcast, it was reported the NFL/NFLPA wouldn’t allow DeAngelo Williams to wear pink on his uniform for the whole season, not just October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. He instead decided to die his hair pink.

The oddest part of the story, aside from the NFL deciding to create PR nightmares at will, is that painting his father’s name on his eye black isn’t new for Heyward. It’s a little tough to see but here’s Heyward appearing to have the same words written in Week 2 against the San Francisco 49ers.


No fine then but a fine now? The NFL’s policies become more puzzling each day.

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