Training Camp Diaries 2015: Donations

The Pittsburgh Steelers first practice of their 2015 training camp begins in 17 days. As you know, I’ll be there covering each of the 18 for Steelers Depot.

I love it more than anything else in the world, but it’s still a grueling couple of weeks. Eighteen days of McDonalds isn’t exactly on the food pyramid.

If you’ll let us indulge for a second, we’ve set up a donation page for those in Steelers’ nation generous and capable of making a donation through this GoFundMe account.

You’ll notice I have the “goal” set to $5. I don’t want to create an expectation from you. Whatever you can give will make me the happiest person in the world. There shouldn’t be any pressure to reach a figure; it’s for a game, not a life or death issue.

And if you can’t give, please don’t. Don’t spend money you need in your life on me. Keeping your lights on is infinitely more important than spending money here. That should be obvious to most of you but I want to make it clear no one should feel bad about not being able to donate. It sounds cheesy but just knowing you guys read, comment, say hello, and care about the little things like we do is enough.

Spend a little, spend a lot, I’m grateful for it all. We’ll float the link around leading up to and during camp and might couple it with a PayPal button at the end of each report, if that’s how you’d prefer to donate.

Can’t wait to get to Saint Vincent and spend the greatest month of the year with you all.

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