Beachum’s Work Ethic A Family Affair

I am no psychologist, though I went to college and it’s mandated I pretend to be one, but it’s always interesting to hear what inspires a player. What inspires them, aside from the obvious. Everyone wants to get paid, everyone wants to win a ring.

And so, in the section of the offseason akin to a tumbleweed rolling across a dirt road, if we can a little bit more about the player off the field, it’s worthwhile.

With that in mind, Pittsburgh Steelers left tackle Kelvin Beachum shared a conversation between him and Papa Beachum on Instagram.

Pretty clear words from his dad. Beachum has always heeded that command. He’s a model citizen off the field, doing charity work during the offseason for families in need. From a football standpoint, we’re all aware of his recent work with LeCharles Bentley at the LeCharles Bentley O-Line Performance academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s a rigirous program and Bentley doesn’t mind, and in fact seems to encourage, spitting out the weak.

“There are guys who are in our 6 a.m. group that really get after it.And if you’re in that group, you better compete or it’s coming your way. They will let you know. This isn’t a place for foot washing,” Bentley told Pete Prisco in a June CBS article.

In other words, you know what you sign up for, and it’s not to sit around and shoot the breeze.

For example, one of the drills involves walking a plate 100 yards.

It’s boot camp disguised as the offseason. Only the players who want to push themselves need apply. Beachum has signed up and there’s no doubt he’ll be considerably better off for it.

Just another reason to admire him and that strong work ethic that begins with his family.

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