Steelers LB James Harrison Reveals Weekly Workout Schedule

Ever wonder what a weekly workout looks like for Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison? Well wonder no more.

Harrison, 37, revealed his schedule to the media on Thursday and Chris Adamski of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review took note of it.

Harrison dedicates Mondays and Thursdays to his legs and as we’ve seen in a few videos that he’s posted in the past on his social media accounts, he doesn’t play around when it comes to the amount of weight that he uses.

On Tuesdays, Harrison works his chest and back and then uses Wednesday to work on his core. Friday is shoulder day followed by biceps and triceps work on Saturday. While Sunday is listed by Adamski as an off day, Harrison reportedly gets a pool workout done on that day.

Harrison is also a big fan of acupuncture and at last report he has more than 200 needles inserted into his body twice a week.

While Father Time might be undefeated, it sure is taking him a long time to hawk-down Harrison, who is hoping to set a new Steelers franchise sack record in 2015 while likely having his snap count monitored closely.

I wonder if he’ll ever release a workout video. If he ever does, you’ll probably need to sign some sort of waiver prior to purchasing it.

Harrison is under contract with the Steelers through the 2016 season after signing a two-year deal early in the offseason.

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