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Pirates McCutchen Jokes He Might Have To Use Antonio Brown’s Drop-Kick

Antonio Brown

Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen had a rough weekend when it comes to being hit by pitches. After being his Friday night, McCutchen was hit again Saturday during the game against the Atlanta Braves and it forced him to leave the game.

Later that evening, McCutchen joked that it might be time for him to emulate Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown in order to start getting some respect from opposing pitchers.

“Maybe I need to drop-kick a pitcher,” McCutchen said. “Maybe that will scare them into not throwing at me.”

McCutchen, who was obviously referencing Brown’s drop-kick of Cleveland Browns punter Spencer Lanning in last year’s season opener, was back in the Pirates lineup Sunday and added an elbow guard to the protective gear he usually wears to the plate. He joked on Twitter that he might be wearing a “Robocop outfit” next.

McCutchen has already been hit eight times so far this season and 48 times during his career. Maybe he can borrow Brown’s pads if this pace continues.

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