Steelers Film Room: Breaking Down Senquez Golson’s 10 Interceptions From 2014

I had a few readers request that I post all 10 interceptions that new Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Senquez Golson had last season at Mississippi and while I have tracked all of them down for you, not all of them have great angles to show you. Regardless, we will have a look at all 10 of them anyways.

Golson’s first interception of 2015 came in the opener against Boise State and thanks to a bad decision by the quarterback. Golson still makes an outstanding one-handed grab on the play.

Against Louisiana Lafayette, Golson had two interceptions. The first one is him playing cover-3 perfectly on the left side. The ball actually looks like it is intended for him.

On the second one Golson had in that game, he reads the quarterback perfectly and makes an outstanding break on the football. It results in his only pick-6 of the season.

I’m pretty sure that you all remember the great interception that Golson had against Alabama and it should look familiar to the first one he had against Louisiana Lafayette as it was the same coverage. He does a great job not only winning the football, but getting one foot down in bounds as well. I have two shots of that play for you.

The very next week against Texas A&M, Golson makes another deep ball interception in cover-3. It was a bad decision by the quarterback and it didn’t help that the receiver also fell down, not that that would’ve made a difference.

The following week Golson had two picks against Tennessee. It’s really hard to see the coverages and routes run on both of these plays but the quarterback certainly didn’t help himself in either instance.

I will try to find a better angle of this second one and will update it later.

Golson’s interception against LSU was very impressive as he gets into phase very quickly and actually cuts off the route and becomes the receiver on the play.

Against Auburn, Golson’s interception includes him jumping another route just as he did in the earlier game against Louisiana Lafayette.

Golson’s 10th and final interception of the 2014 season game against TCU in the bowl game and it is the result of an overthrown pass.

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