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Steelers Seven-Round Re-Mock The Mock Draft Exercise

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NFL Media analysts Lance Zierlein and Chad Reuter recently released a full seven-round mock draft ahead of Thursday’s 2015 NFL Draft and while I’m going to post the eight selections they made for the Pittsburgh Steelers at the bottom of this post, I’d like to also use their entire list of selections for an exercise that I usually like to do on this site after the draft.

If you’ve read this site for over a year, you know the exercise that I’m talking about. For those of you who might be new, I will quickly go over what I’d like you to post in the comments.

In short, I want you to re-mock this mock draft as the Steelers general manager, but in each round, you can only select from the players that were selected prior to Pittsburgh’s next pick. For the team’s last selection in the seventh-round, you can pick any player that you want that has yet to be selected.

For example, in the first round, if you like the selection of cornerback Marcus Peters, you can keep it. If you don’t, you can select another player listed in the mock before the Steelers 56th overall selection in the second-round.

Everybody understand? I look forward to seeing your re-mocks.

Also, here are the eight picks they made for the Steelers. Surely you can do better. Below is the link if you missed it above:

1:22 – Marcus Peters – CB -Washington

2:56 – Carl Davis – DT – Iowa

3:87 – James Sample – S – Louisville

4:121 – Stefon Diggs – WR – Maryland

5:160 – Xzavier Dickson – OLB – Alabama

6:199 – Jacorey Shepherd – CB – Kansas

6:212 – Donald Celiscar – S – Western Michigan

7:239 – Tory Slater – DT – West Georgia

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