Steelers Might Need Chargers Help Next Sunday Should They Lose To The Chiefs

Thanks to an overtime win Saturday night over the San Francisco 49ers, the San Diego Chargers have managed to keep their playoff chances very much alive as more Week 16 action gets underway Sunday.

The Chargers will play the Kansas City Chiefs next Sunday and that could wind up being a very interesting game should the Pittsburgh Steelers wind up losing today at home to the Chiefs.

If the Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans Sunday, they will secure a playoff spot as long as the Steelers lose to the Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals lose to the Denver Broncos Monday night. Should the Bengals beat the Broncos, they will at least lock up a playoff spot regardless of what took place on Sunday.

A Steelers loss Sunday could result in the Chargers needing to beat the Chiefs next Sunday if both the Bengals win this week and the Ravens win their final two games.

A win today by the Steelers over the Chiefs secures a playoff spot, however.

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