Steelers 2014 Training Camp Day Eight: What I’m Watching For

By Alex Kozora

Statistically, we’ll recap the last two days of Pittsburgh Steelers practices. Combining the numbers from Friday and Saturday’s practice. If anyone wants to see the daily breakdown, let me know in the comments and I’ll post them when I have a moment.


Ben Roethlisberger: 18/25 1 TD 1 INT
Bruce Gradkowski: 6/9 1 TD
Landry Jones: 9/14 1 INT
Brendon Kay: 4/6 1 INT

Running Backs carries

Le’Veon Bell: 10
Miguel Maysonet: 10
Josh Harris: 8
Tauren Poole: 8
Jordan Hall: 7
Jawan Jamison: 5
LeGarrette Blount: 3
Dri Archer: 2

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends targets/receptions

Le’Veon Bell: 5/5
Martavis Bryant: 5/3
Antonio Brown: 3/3
Josh Harris: 3/3
Lance Moore:
Derek Moye: 3/2
David Paulson: 3/2
Tauren Poole: 3/2
Matt Spaeth: 3/2
Markus Wheaton: 3/2
Miguel Maysonet: 2/2
Dri Archer: 2/1
Justin Brown:
Danny Coale: 2/1
Will Johnson: 2/1
Kashif Moore:
Lanear Sampson:
Heath Miller:
Bryce Davis: 1/1
Jordan Hall: 1/0

Your five day totals from 11 on 11.


Ben Roethlisberger: 45/65 (69.2%) 1 TD 2 INT
Bruce Gradkowski: 14/26 (53.8%) 1 TD 1 INT
Landry Jones: 22/34 (64.7%) 2 INT
Brendon Kay: 12/18 (66.7%) 1 INT

Running Backs

Jordan Hall: 26
Miguel Maysonet: 23
Tauren Poole: 22
Josh Harris: 19
Dri Archer: 16
Le’Veon Bell: 10
LeGarrette Blount: 9
Jawan Jamison: 5

Wide receivers/tight ends targets/receptions

Antonio Brown: 17/11
Martavis Bryant: 12/7
Derek Moye: 10/5
Justin Brown: 9/7
Will Johnson: 8/6
Markus Wheaton: 7/6
Lance Moore: 7/5
Josh Harris: 6/6
Heath Miller: 6/6
Matt Spaeth: 6/4
Dri Archer: 6/3
Le’Veon Bell: 5/5
David Paulson: 5/4
Miguel Maysonet: 4/4
Tauren Poole: 4/3
Danny Coale: 4/2
Michael Palmer: 4/2
Kashif Moore: 3/3
Lanear Sampson: 3/3
Bryce Davis: 2/2
Jordan Hall: 2/1
LeGarrette Blount: 2/0
Eric Waters: 1/1

Some things to look towards for tomorrow.

– Said it the other day but worth mentioning again. The Steelers will be in day five of six straight practices. That takes its toll on players, physically and mentally. It’s easy to start to slow down, make mistakes, and look forward to Tuesday’s off day. Even when you’re tired, are you still detail-oriented? Breaking your route at the correct depth, playing with a sound base, playing inside/out against the run. Let’s see who rises to the challenge.

– Is Will Johnson going to be available? A guy who could get the day off with what may be a right leg injury.

– I want to attempt and get a better look at some of the backup corners. Isaiah Green and Brice McCain. Know where they’ve been playing but don’t know a ton about their game. Let’s find out.

– Was Antonio Brown getting a couple reps as a return man an anomaly or a pattern? Probably the former just to give him the reps in case but we’ll see.

– Will we see any of the young, backup defensive lineman rise to the occasion? Looking at you, Ethan Hemer, Josh Mauro, and Brian Arnfelt.

Jim Wexell tweeted that the coaching staff believes Cam Thomas has been playing well at defensive end but with Stephon Tuitt’s great start to camp, will he get a chance to run with the first team? He got his first taste on Saturday with Thomas covering for Steve McLendon.

– What will the team do to break up the monotony of camp? Yesterday, the team added its “QB to the trash can” and goalline drill. What will we see new, if anything, on Sunday? Keep the players fresh and engaged, avoiding the rut of camp.

Having Shaun Suisham end practice early with a made FG seems like a possibility although I think there’s a better chance that comes on Monday, extending into the off day.

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