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Witness Says Steelers T Mike Adams Asked Defendants To Hit Him Prior To Stabbing

According to WTAE-TV, a “surprise witness” took the stand Monday in the trial of three men accused of stabbing Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams during an incident last summer and her testimony corroborated claims last week by the defense that Adams may have started the incident.

The witness, Shariea Cox, testified Monday that Adams was “drunk and aggressive” prior to being stabbed. In addition, she told the jury that she heard the three accused men request that Adams pay for food to which he responded, “I’m not paying for anything. Hit me. I want you to hit me. Do you know who I am?”

While Cox said she didn’t see the stabbing take place, she did say that she saw one of the accused punch Adams in the face.

Earlier in the trial, the defense said Adams was drunk and obnoxious, and that he knocked into one of the men, causing him to drop his food and cell phone, prompting a fight among the men.

This trial really is starting to get good. Last week, there was a report that video of the incident from surveillance cameras from nearby businesses would be introduced as evidence, but there have yet to be any reports of that actually taking place.

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