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Steelers Soon-To-Be Free Agent WR Plaxico Burress Still Wants To Play

Veteran wide receiver Plaxico Burress will turn 37 prior to the start of the 2014 season, but he recently told that he will not let age or a torn rotator cuff suffered last year during training camp prevent him from trying to play one more season in the NFL.

“I am going to treat it as I am coming back to play,” said Burress, who is set to be an unrestricted free agent next week. “I am going to keep that mindset until they tell me otherwise. I am going to keep going until I can’t go anymore. The stronger I can get, I can come back and play. I want to come back and play.”

In an interview on radio row last month at the Super Bowl, Burress told Jim Rome that he was unsure if he’d ever play again and that if he didn’t, he was at peace with himself because of the things he’s accomplished during his career. He also said he doesn’t have anything to prove by coming back from his most recent injury that cost him the entire 2013 season.

The Steelers signed Burress to a one-year qualifying contract for the minimum last year on the first day of free agency. That isn’t likely to happen this year, however, as Burress said he’s still not fully rehabbed from his rotator cuff injury.

“I am doing pretty good. I still have a ways to go from a rehab standpoint,” said Burress. “I am rehabbing every day and will see how it feels when the offseason program starts. I am doing a few more exercises with using my shoulder to get it stronger. I am working on getting the flexibility back in it from the stiffness and the scar tissue and all of those things.”

If Burress winds up playing in 2014, he would figure to be the oldest offensive player in the league that doesn’t play quarterback now that Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez has retired. Although he still has the desire to play, I will be surprised if the Steelers give him another opportunity.

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