William Gay Quiets The Chorus For Another Week

By Matthew Marczi

It seemed as though last week’s brutal 55-point defensive effort against the New England Patriots was just what the doctor ordered for those whose fandom comes paired with a complementary agenda. One of the house favorites over the past five years has been that infamous chorus, “William Gay sucks!”

The choir was bereft of its muse for a season, as Gay spent 2012 vacationing in Arizona, where so many Steelers go to retire. Suddenly the choir was lost, each voice singing the hazes of a different player in a cacophony of vitriol.

Imagine their relief when their spritely inspiration came home to them, allowing the chorus to begin again, with renewed fervor. Every slight, whether illusory or actual, gave birth to a new hymn of discontent during the preseason.

But then the regular season rolled around, and Gay was placed in the starting lineup over Cortez Allen, and Mike Tomlin looked upon it and saw that it was good. The chorus fell silent, perplexed. What had happened? Gay was playing well.

All that came crashing to a halt when in walked the jolly blue giant, Rob Gronkowski, who took advantage of soft coverage for a career-high nine receptions for 143 yards and a touchdown. Aaron Dobson himself got the better of Gay for four receptions and a touchdown. Up rose the chorus once again. “William Gay sucks!”


Enter the Buffalo Bills and their top-five rushing attack led by Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller.

Enter William Gay guarding the edge and repeatedly felling the backs seeking refuge around the perimeter of the defensive line.


Enter Gay blowing up wide receivers after a two-yard gain on third and long.


The chorus falls silent again. At least for another week.

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