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Levi Brown Will Only Cost The Steelers $840K In 2013

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Arizona Cardinals agreed to pay all but $840,000 of the $3.632 million salary that tackle Levi Brown was scheduled to earn prior to trading him Wednesday to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This is great news for the Steelers as it now appears their investment in Brown is virtually nothing. They still stand to lose a draft pick that is based on conditions, but apparently won’t have to eat any dead money should he wind up washing out as there is no need to restructure his contract right now.

Brown is still under contract with the Steelers through the 2016 season and scheduled to earn a $6 million base salary in 2014 if he is still on the team. If he plays well and the Steelers decide to retain him, they will have the option of restructuring his contract next offseason.

In short, the Steelers really have risked nothing for Brown and he has nothing but upside at this point.

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