Steelers RB Jonathan Dwyer Plays Big Role In Two Long Touchdown Passes Against Bears

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer did a very nice job in pass protection on both of the long touchdown passes to Antonio Brown Sunday night against the Chicago Bears and below are the animated gifs of both plays.

On the first play, Bears safety Chris Conte blitzes off the edge while D.J. Williams comes delayed. Dwyer easily recognizes it and steps up square on Conte in order to keep him away from Roethlisberger. That might have been the prettiest pocket that the Steelers quarterback had all night.

Dwyer Blitz

On the second touchdown, Bears safety Major Wright comes on a safety blitz and Dwyer meets him with a thud after carrying out his play-action fake, which he sells quite well. It’s too bad animated gifs don’t have sound as Dwyer smacks Wright pretty good.

Dwyer Blitz

If Dwyer fails to make either of these pickups perfectly, there is a good chance both of these throws don’t go off without a hitch. Matthew Marczi wrote a while ago about how good both Dwyer and Isaac Redman were last season in pass protection and while Redman failed on one of his attempts Sunday night, Dwyer nailed his.

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