Steelers NT Alameda Ta\’amu Clarifies Twitter SNAFU & Says He No Longer Drinks

On Sunday night, Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Alameda Ta\’amu made a bad mistake when he retweeted a Twitter picture posted by @ME0ish showing him in a car with a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. After posting about the picture, the retweet by Ta\’amu has since been deleted, as has the original picture.

Ta\’amu has now taken to Twitter to clarify things.

Just realized I retweeted a bad pic from after the draft last year.Friend from home messin with me. I don\’t drink anymore. HONEST MISTAKE. I don\’t go out and I don\’t drink.. I\’ve passed every UA test since October 14.. I\’m in Pitt training.. Focused for next season. HONEST MISTAKE. Really. Didn\’t look at his pic before sending my tweet. Wouldn\’t joke about that.

Good for him.

Hopefully Ta\’amu learned a valuable lesson in using his social media accounts. Why he retweeted the picture we will never know, but it was a bad decision. His deletion of the tweet speaks volumes.

To any individual reading his timeline, it looked like he was giving a giant middle finger to everything that has happened to him, regardless of when the picture was originally taken. Retweeting it was validating it.

Ta\’amu merely associating with @ME0ish on Twitter is a bad decision altogether. If you look at his timeline and photos you will see why.

So there you go. As Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

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