Steelers CB Ike Taylor Says Being Anonymous Is Not A Manly Trait

You can now add Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor to the list of players that have given their thoughts on the comments made by an anonymous teammate about linebacker LaMarr Woodley.

Taylor was asked Tuesday by John Harris on Trib Live Radio to give his thoughts on the matter and the cornerback did so as only he can do.

“I don\’t know what\’s going on,” said Taylor on the Ike Taylor Show. “I really don\’t know what\’s going on. To be anonymous is not a manly trait. If you are going to say something you might as well say it and put your stamp of approval behind it, meaning your name. So, that\’s how I feel about that. what we do in the Steelers locker-room is what we do. It\’s nobody else\’s business what we talk about and what we do.

“So, I hope that we can clean that up like ASAP. That is going to be cleaned up ASAP. We got enough to worry about for the offseason. That shouldn\’t be an issue for the offseason.”

Safety Ryan Clark said on Monday that he believes that the anonymous player plays on the defensive side of ball, while linebacker Larry Foote said Tuesday morning that he wouldn\’t be surprised if one of the Steelers coaches was behind the comments that stated Woodley was awful last season and not in shape.

The media is slowly working through the list of players, but it\’s not like anyone is going to admit to making those comments to Ron Cook. In the meantime it is fun to watch and listen to how each player reacts when asked to give their opinion on the subject. Hopefully the media will remember to ask general manager Kevin Colbert to comment on it later this week when the 2013 NFL combine gets underway in Indianapolis.

Like I said in an earlier post, don\’t expect this to die down anytime soon.

You can listen to the full episode of the Ike Taylor Show below or download it on iTunes here.

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