Onward Into 2013 We Go – Thank-yous & Shout-outs

2013 is here and unfortunately there will be no playoffs for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With the 2012 season behind us I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all of the great support given to my site. The traffic tripled this year over last and I greatly appreciate that.

The podcast is wrapping up its third season and also had a huge spike in listeners. It is amazing to see how far it reaches across the world as David Todd and I get emails from several different countries.

Special thanks to David for his help on the podcast as it has become everything that I thought it would be. Also special thanks to Alan Gifford and Nick Richetta for their help in the game charting department. You haven\’t lived until you try to chart bad TV angles with the Steelers wearing their throwback uniforms.

Thanks to Jeremy Hritz and Christopher DiMarino for their written contributions throughout the season and thanks to the few guest posters that have submitted post throughout the season in addition.

As you know by now, this site is like no other and it is my pride and joy. I am fortunate enough to have my passion be my full-time gig and I do not take that opportunity lightly.

Football is year around for me so you can expect the same kind of activity around here all offseason just like normal. The podcast will be scaling back to two episodes a week at some point during the offseason, but that will be the only changes you should notice.

Use 2013 to embrace your dysfunctions and I promise it will be happy and prosperous one for you.

Thank you once again and hopefully this time next year we are talking Steelers in the playoffs.

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!


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