A Harbaugh Bowl Warning Alert To All Steelers Fans

The outcome of the Divisional Playoff games on Saturday probably couldn\’t have gone any worse if you are a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers as both the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers won to advance to the Championship games in their respective conferences for a second straight year.

That\’s right Steelers Nation, a Harbaugh Bowl still remains a possibility and what a nightmare those two weeks will be leading up to the Super Bowl should that wind up happening.

Surely you remember the 2011 Thanksgiving night game and the coverage that led up to it. If you forgot, I posted a small video clip for you below to jog your memory. Now try to imagine that type of coverage for two full weeks.

The Ravens, led by head coach John Harbaugh, took care of the Denver Broncos 38-35 Saturday evening in overtime. Their attempt to send off linebacker Ray Lewis into retirement with his second Super Bowl championship is alive for another week. It doesn\’t matter who the Ravens play should the wind up making it to New Orleans on Feb. 3 as we certainly cant have them winning it all.

The 49ers, led by brother Jim Harbaugh, ousted the Green Bay Packers 45-31 Saturday night and they will now await the winner of the Sunday game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons. We simply can\’t have the 49ers win the Super Bowl as that would be their sixth championship and would thus tie the Steelers for the most.

So what does this all mean? It means that we should likely cheer for both the Seahawks and the New England Patriots on Sunday to win their Divisional round games as both are probably best suited to knock of the Ravens and the 49ers next weekend. No disrespect to the Houston Texans or the Falcons, but I worry that neither of those two teams will be able to get the job done next weekend.

That\’s right, we must root for the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Evil Empire and a Seattle team whose fanbase still insist that Super Bowl XXL was stolen away from them by the referees and given to the Steelers.

The choices that we have here are not appetizing at all as a fanbase, but a Harbaugh Bowl simply can\’t be allowed to take place.

Gulp. Go Patriots! Go Seahawks!

NFL on FOX: A Harbaugh Thanksgiving by FOX_Sports_Interactive

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