Steelers Rookie NT Alameda Ta\’amu Back In Court On Thursday To Face Charges

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie nose tackle Alameda Ta\’amu was in court today and WTAE-TV reports that he waived his right to a hearing on charges that he led Pittsburgh police on a chase and crashed into parked cars while intoxicated.

The station reports that Ta\’amu told the court on Thursday that he was sorry for his actions that took place on Oct. 14.

“Just wanted to say that I\’m sorry — a big mistake that I made on my part, and I\’m doing everything possible to make this right,” Ta\’amu said, via the report. “I don\’t think there\’s any other word I would say but \’sorry\’ is the only word I can say right now.”

Ta\’amu is being accused of fleeing from Pittsburgh police, crashing into several vehicles and then fighting with officers upon his attempted arrest. The Steelers suspended Ta\’amu from the team for two weeks following the incident, but he has since been reinstated.

Unless the two sides reach some sort of plea deal, Ta\’amu will stand trial at a later date. He told the court that he\’s working to pay for all of the damage that he caused during the incident.

Defense attorney Robert Del Greco reportedly said that the Steelers fourth-round draft pick is currently undergoing counseling.

Even though the Steelers have already disciplined Ta\’amu internally for his actions, he could face discipline from the league as well under the player conduct policy. When Ta\’amu was reinstated to the team following his suspension head coach Mike Tomlin did not say whether or not the organization would revisit the situation once the legal process plays out.

“They’re really separate issues,” Tomlin said. “He’s got in-house issues. Of course, he as legal issues and he has National Football League issues. Such is life.”

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