Nasty Weather Expected Tonight As The Steelers Host The Chiefs

If you watched the Sunday night game between the Houston Texans and the Chicago Bears you know that it was played in a steady stream of rain. That same type of weather is expected tonight in Pittsburgh as the Steelers play host to the Kansas City Chiefs at Heinz Field.

The current forecast calls for temperatures in the mid 40\’s around kickoff with rain and wind, and it likely won\’t take long for the field to start deteriorating.

The weather in Chicago last night likely played a hand in the 6 turnovers as the quarterbacks were not accurate with their throws and players had problems holding onto the football.

As usual, turnovers figure to play a big part in the game tonight and this doesn\’t bode well for a Chiefs team that has 29 giveaways so far this season. The Steelers on the other hand have only turned the ball over 8 times thus far this season.

The home field advantage should help the Steelers running backs in this game in addition and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is used to playing in nasty conditions as well. I would expect he will once again be wearing gloves in this game.

This game could eventually turn into a mudder of sorts, which in turn could see the scoring be down.

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