Bringing Back Plaxico Burress Is A Low Risk Proposition

The return of wide receiver Plaxico Burress to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Tuesday has several in the fan base worried if he was worth the risk of bringing back. I am here to say that he is because the risk is very low.

Burress received a one-year deal worth $925,000 with no signing bonus that is not guaranteed. Consider him a rental right now and on loan on a week-to-week basis. If he should slip up either on or off the field he can be jettisoned out of town just as quick as he arrived without any salary cap backlash.

I am pretty sure that Burress is well aware of this as he has everything to lose right now. Failure to excel in his given role would mean that his playing days in the NFL are over for good. Should he show that he has something left in the tank, however, he could parlay that into at least another one or two year cheap deal after the season with another team.

Burress will be in uniform for the Steelers Sunday when they take on the Cleveland Browns and his role will be minimal to start with until he picks up the offense. The Steelers former first round draft pick told Ross Tucker of SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday that the Steelers have designed a red-zone package for him for beginners.

This is perfect place to start as up until this point tight end Heath Miller has been the lone receiving threat in the red zone. The size of Burress and his ability to get free in the back of the end zone could pay dividends.

The Steelers veteran locker room will surely keep Burress in his place and make sure that he knows his role on the team. Burress also has remained in close contact with Ben Roethlisberger over the years and you know that the Steelers quarterback is excited to finally get a big target in the red zone.

The risk here with Burress is minimal, but the reward for both he and the Steelers could be great down the stretch.

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