Antonio Brown Advised To Pay His Child Support & Soak His Injured Ankle In Heated Urine

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who will sit out the game tonight against the Kansas City Chiefs with a left ankle injury, has been ordered by a Florida judge to pay the child support money due Shameika Brailsford, the mother of his child, according to

Brailsford had claimed in legal documents that Brown has failed to pay the child support money owed her for the last eight months, which totals $6,000. The judge also has ordered that Brailsford be able to see her son, who lives in Pittsburgh with Brown, in addition.

Brown\’s lawyer reportedly told TMZ that his client will be current on his child support this week.

Brown, who suffered his ankle injury last Sunday against the New York Giants, was also told by former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson on Twitter Sunday that if he wanted to be able to play tonight that he should have soaked his left ankle for 15 minutes in a bucket of urine that had been warmed up in a microwave. Brown and Johnson are good friends and have worked out together in Florida in the offseason.

I am not sure if Brown followed that advice of Johnson or not, but he has long been ruled out for the game tonight and has no shot at playing. Soaking his ankle in a bucket of urine would only result in it smelling like pee.

Brown seems to be on course to take care of the most important of these two recent request and hopefully he is ready to play next Sunday night against the Baltimore Ravens despite early reports suggesting that he will miss that game as well.

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