Mike Tomlin Press Conference – Giants – Tuesday – Week 9

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin met the media on Tuesday for his weekly press conference to talk about the upcoming game against the New York Giants, injuries, and more.

Below are the talking points from what Tomlin had to say along with the audio.

Tomlin called the performance against the Washington Redskins the most complete one so far this season, but obviously it wasn\’t perfect. Tomlin said the team played 60 minutes in all three phases of the game.

Tomlin updated the injury situation heading into the week and you can read that recap here.

Tomin went through the weekly praise of the opposition on both sides of the ball and he made the Giants sound like they were the Super Bowl champs last season.

Tomlin acknowledged that the location and time of the game against the Giants could be up in the air right now because of Hurricane Sandy hitting the New York area. Tomlin said that he is sure that the league is looking at options right now but that will not change the way that the team prepares for the game. They will proceed with their plans until told otherwise.

Tomin said that the offensive line has done a good job at protecting Ben Roethlisberger so far and that the running backs and tight ends have done a good job at working their way out off of the line scrimmage as well in that regard. The wide receivers have done a nice job getting open and Roethlisberger has done a good job at making quick decisions. All of this has led to less sacks according to the coach.

Tomlin said that he has talked to not only Antonio Brown about his taunting penalty, but the entire team as well. He said that he told them all that it was not a respectable action. Tomlin called it an awesome learning opportunity.

Tomlin says they will deal with the Alameda Ta\’amu situation going forward and noted that they have a few days to work with because of the roster exemption they granted. Tomlin said that they will do what\’s best for the team professionally in order to win the game this week.

Although Tomlin did not say it, the releases of defensive end Corbin Bryant from the practice squad on Tuesday all but assures that Ta\’amu will not be waived.

Tomlin says that he has a great deal of respect for Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and that he considers him a friend. Tomlin joked that Coughlin calls him, “Mikey” and went on to say that Coughlin has a proven consistent method for winning.

Tomlin said that Will Allen has done a nice job filling in at safety, but that he hasn\’t been perfect. Allen plays with a great deal of energy and is very deliberate and physical, according to Tomlin.

Tomlin refused to tip his hand about the running back situation once all of them are back healthy. He said he hates to deal with hypotheticals as he lives day-to-day throughout this week and work with the guys that are healthy.

I will update this with more over the next hour.

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