Limas Sweed Back Playing Football In The Great White North

In case you missed my posting of this on Twitter yesterday, the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League announced on Thursday that they had signed former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Limas Sweed to their practice roster.

The last we had heard about the Steelers 2008 second round pick was that his tryouts this past offseason with both the New York Giants and the Cincinnati Bengals did not go well.

Sweed left a legacy in Pittsburgh of being a draft bust as he just couldn\’t catch the football. He also had problems staying healthy and on the field with the Steelers, especially during his final training camp at Latrobe following the lockout.

Many will remember the Steelers AFC Championship game against Baltimore Ravens as Sweed dropped an easy touchdown pass in that game. The most memorable positive highlight of his short NFL career also came in that game when he leveled Ravens defensive back Corey Ivy to free tight end Heath Miller after a catch.

Sweed also dropped an easy touchdown against the Bengals in a 2009 game that the Steelers ultimately went on to lose.

Being signed to the Roughriders practice roster means that Sweed at least has a chance to eventually make their regular roster. That is of course if he doesn\’t drop the ball.

Does the CFL award points for drops? Good day, eh? At least Thursday was for Sweed.

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