Roethlisberger & Seymour Have Laughed Off 2010 Punch

The last time that the Pittsburgh Steelers faced the Oakland Raiders they handled them easily at Heinz Field. The 35-3 win was not without incident though as Raiders defensive end Richard Seymour was ejected for an open-handed punch to the face of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger just seconds after he threw a 22-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders with just under two minutes to go in the first half.

After completing the throw, Roethlisberger then began walking forward and appeared to say something to Seymour, who proceeded to turn and punch the quarterback in the jaw with his open right hand. The punch knocked the quarterback to the ground and a small fracas ensued.

“I just said let\’s get ready for the extra point. It blew my mind,” Roethlisberger said after the 2010 game.

Also after the game, Seymour, who was ultimately fined $25,000 for the punch, told the media he was sorry for his actions and it appears that Roethlisberger has put the incident behind him as well.

“It was more of a surprise, and I had said this afterwards, because he’s not a bad person, said Roethlisberger on Wednesday. “He and I know each other and we’ve talked. It’s more of a shocking thing. I’ve seen him since and we’ve had laughs about it.”

Hopefully the Steelers will have plenty more to laugh about following the game this Sunday and hopefully Seymour has taken some anger management classes.

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