Mike Tomlin Tuesday Press Conference Audio & Talking Points – Jets – Week 2

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held his weekly press conference on Tuesday to talk about the Sunday night loss to the Denver Broncos as well as the upcoming game against the New York Jets.

Below are the talking points and audio from the press conference and I will be adding more to it shortly.

Tomlin started off by saying that after watching the game tape from Sunday that his opinion hasn\’t changed. The Steelers lacked significant plays and the Broncos made some. He did say that the quality of execution was not there late in the game.

As far as special teams play went, Tomlin said that the specialist were assets and that rookie punter Drew Butler represented himself well.

On the injury front, Tomlin noted that safety Troy Polamalu (calf), guard Ramon Foster (eye) and tackle Marcus Gilbert (knee) should all be good to go for Sunday, but that each could be limited early on in the week.

Linebacker James Harrison (knee) worked out Monday and will run on Wednesday so that they can see where he is. They will work him up to activity and let that serve as the guide this week.

In regard to the Jets, Tomlin said that what we saw in the Jets game against the Buffalo Bills is just tip of iceberg of what they might do with Tim Tebow. Although they must prepare for what he might do, Tomlin said that there will be nothing unusual in terms of pre-game preparation for the game.

As far as Jets rookie wide receiver Stephen Hill goes, Tomlin said, “Obviously, we\’re somewhat allergic to first-round pick wideouts from Georgia Tech.” He of course was talking about Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

As far as the Broncos success with the no-huddle in the game Sunday night, Tomlin said that it was effective because they ran ball well on early downs out of it and thus avoided 3rd downs.

As far as the running back rotation goes this week against the Jets, Tomlin said that they are capable of being better in running game and that he is still sorting out personnel. He did note that Jonathan Dwyer will get increased opportunities this week.

Tomlin explained that the decision to go for two against the Broncos was based on how he felt about game then.

More shortly.

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