Ike Taylor Thinks Warren Sapp Needs To Worry About His Bankruptcy & Not The Steelers

Current NFL Network analyst and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Warren Sapp recently proclaimed that the Pittsburgh Steelers lost too much veteran leadership this off-season and predicts that they would fall below .500 this upcoming season as a result. This is nothing new from Sapp, who last year before the start of the season declared on Inside the NFL, “The Pittsburgh Steelers. I have three things: old, slow and it\’s over. It\’s just that simple.”

On Tuesday, Steelers veteran cornerback Ike Taylor was asked about the most recent prediction made by Sapp on The Ike Taylor Show, which airs weekly on Trib Live Radio. Taylor had some pretty strong words that included references to Sapp recently filing for bankruptcy.

“I don\’t like giving nobody no props,” said Taylor when host John Harris prodded him for his thoughts. When pushed further why by Harris, Taylor said, “Because he don\’t even deserve it.” Later on in the interview Taylor added, “He has other issues. I don’t even want to talk about his other issues,” Taylor said as he obviously referring to Sapp recently filing for bankruptcy. “Man, he is worrying about the wrong thing right now. People are coming knocking at his door.”

Also joining Taylor on Tuesday was veteran linebacker Larry Foote, who shed a little more light on why Sapp always has such a distaste for the Steelers. Foote referenced the 2002 Monday night game against the Buccaneers when Steelers linebackers Joey Porter and Jason Gildon grabbed Sapp and teammate Nate Webster by the throats after the two tried to interrupt the Steelers stretching line prior to the game. Foote later added after referencing the incident, “He (Sapp) came out there hopping like a little girl, said Foote, who later added, “If he disagreed with what I said, have him call in. I am sure we have footage.”

Now surely the comments made by both Taylor and Foote are going to get back to Sapp and you can bet that there will be a response, likely by the end of the week. This is going to get very entertaining and you can\’t blame the Steelers veteran defensive players for saying what they did.

Thanks to Mark Kaboly from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review for the quotes and Trib Live Radio for the audio, which you can hear below.

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