2012 Draft

Sports Science & The 2012 NFL Draft

By Christopher DiMarino

I wanted to pass a long some interesting videos that I found on ESPN. The sports science videos are little more than a flashy way of trying to quantify in numbers what a football player does on the field. It shouldn\’t be taken too seriously, but it\’s a cool to watch. I saw the video for Coby Fleener and was pretty surprised. He has a tug of war against a sumo wrestler, and while the sumo didn\’t get spikes, it\’s fun to watch. This video at least will help those unfamiliar put a face to the name. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Luke Kuechly destroy the dummy as well. Enjoy.

Coby Fleener:

Luke Kuechly:

Alabama and LSU defenses:

And something all Steelers fans would want to see. Lamar Woodley:

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