2012 Salary Cap

Report: Casey Hampton Takes Pay Cut In Contract Restructure

Judging by the report by Brian McIntyre, Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton has taken a reduction in his 2012 base salary and eliminated his $1 million workout bonus. Hampton, who is headed into the final year of his three year contract, was scheduled to earn a $4.89 million base salary to go along with a $1 million workout bonus. He also had $2,166,668.00 million worth of signing bonus proration left on the books as well and his cap hit in 2012 was scheduled to be $8,056,668.00 million.

Hampton has apparently reduced his base salary to $2.8 million and removed his his workout bonus and McIntyre reports it reduced his cap number by $3.09 million, which does not totally add up on my end. If Hampton took the flat out reduction of the base and eliminated the workout bonus, his cap hit should be $4,966,668.00. It makes me wonder if an additional year was tacked on, but I will have to double check these numbers with a few sources of mine. For now at least we know he did drop his cap hit in 2012.

ETA: OK, the numbers work out to be a cap reduction of $3.09 million, so his 2012 cap hit should now be 4,966,668.00. It was a straight pay cut in 2012 and no year was added on. I just can\’t read this morning.

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