Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Says Hire Of Todd Haley Was Sole Decision Of Mike Tomlin

Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert has been making the media rounds this week leading up to the NFL combine and in addition to the interview he gave KDKA radio Wednesday morning, he also talked to DVE Radio as well. One question that Mike Prisuta asked Colbert was about the hiring of new offensive coordinator Todd Haley and how he entered the picture as a potential candidate. Colbert said, “You know what, that was Coach Tomlin\’s sole decision. I mean really he told me when we were together at the Senior Bowl that he had initial meetings set up with Todd, and that meeting occurred. He was impressed and he said that he wants to investigate it further. So really that was Mike\’s decision from the get go. It was something he brought up to me down at the Senior Bowl and he moved forward with it.”

When asked if he ever had a history with Haley, Colbert said, “No. I knew Todd when his father worked for the Steelers, I was working either for Blesto or the Miami Dolphins or the Lions. You know Dick [Haley] was someone you looked up to in the business, you know the personnel business, and I had met Todd a few times at various meetings, but didn\’t really know him except for professionally once he got into the league as an assistant coach and of course as a head coach.”

You can listen to the interview with Colbert below.

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