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Mike Wallace Says He Has To Do What He Has To Do, But Says Both Sides Are Talking

Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent Mike Wallace was interviewed by Adam Schein and Jim Miller on SiriusXM NFL Radio and was asked about several topics that included the change of offensive coordinators as well as his pending free agency situation.

Wallace was asked if his mind wonders to thinking about the possibility of leaving the Steelers and signing with another team. Wallace replied, “Well the position that I am in, I\’m always going to think about it sometimes because I have never been in this position before. So it\’s kind of hard to just not think about anything. So yeah, my mind wonders from time to time, but my heart is definitely in Pittsburgh. That\’s where I would like to be at, but we all know that it\’s a business and you have certain things that you have to handle. So if I have to go elsewhere, you know Pittsburgh will always be in my heart, but I have to do what I have to do.”

Wallace was then asked if the San Francisco 49ers or the New England Patriots would be two teams that he would consider signing with and Wallace replied, “Most definitely. Those are two playoff caliber teams, Super Bowl caliber teams, and I think the right piece to those guys would put them over the top. All they need is that one more piece to any one of those puzzles I think on both sides of those teams. So most definitely they\’re Super Bowl contending teams. So I would most definitely, if I were to go anywhere else, that would definitely be two teams because this is a situation of them being contenders. I wouldn\’t want to go anywhere and leave the situation where I am at that has a great quarterback, a great organization and go somewhere where I don\’t feel I can succeed.”

Wallace was later asked about a few other teams that might have interest in him and specifically if he could see himself signing a contract with the Baltimore Ravens. Wallace replied, “(Laughs) We better hope that it doesn\’t have to come down that. Like I said, I want to stay in Pittsburgh, but I have to do what\’s best for me and my family. So if Baltimore is the team that I have to go to, I would have to consider it even though that I know the situation.”

Wallace was asked if a new deal is not done by the start of free agency, is his mentality one that he thought he would no longer be a Steeler. Wallace replied, “That\’s the mentality that you almost have to take and look at it, but I definitely don\’t want to look at it that way, because that is the team that drafted me, that\’s the team that took a chance on me. So I would love to be there.” When asked if he and his agent were currently in talks with the Steelers about a new deal, Wallace said, “Yeah they\’re talking, but I don\’t know how far they are going to get right now, because you know the situation. I know that they are working trying to get it taken care of and get me done. I know I talk to my coaches and I talk to everybody and I\’m positive about the situation. It\’s just a situation that will have to play itself out. I know they\’re working hard trying to take care of it, but I don\’t know. We\’ll see.”

Wallace was asked about how antsy he is right now that a decision is on the horizon for him and the Steelers to which Wallace replied, “Yep, it\’s kind of frustrating, because I feel like I have done everything I can. Wallace continued, “I\’ve been staying out of trouble. Most of the time when people part ways it because you are not producing or you have done something wrong. So it\’s kind of frustrating , but I understand. I\’ve been saying since day one that I understand it\’s a business, so you just have to go through this process and take the good with the bad and you know, roll with it.”

During the interview Wallace was asked if he sensed a change was coming at offensive coordinator this offseason and what his thoughts were on the change from Bruce Arians to Todd Haley. Wallace answered, “I didn\’t really think so. I thought B.A. did a great job this year. I thought it was like one of the best years since I have been there. I think he put us in a great position to make great plays. So, I didn\’t think that was going to happen, but obviously you don\’t know a lot of things that are going on behind the scenes. So I am just going to roll with the flow. We get a new coach; I just have to go with it. I trust everything coach Tomlin and the Rooney\’s do. so I\’m with it. I\’m all aboard.”

Wallace was asked if he thought Mike Tomlin and Arians were on the same page in regards to the offense and Wallace answered, “I don\’t know. I don\’t see why not. It seems like we were productive. I just think our red zone offense was just a little below average, so I don\’t know if that had anything to do with it. But like I said, I like the plays that B.A. was calling. I think he put all of us in a great position to succeed and use all of our experiences. I think he knew what everybody\’s experiences were and I think he was doing a great job putting the ball in peoples hands in certain situations.

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