Steelers fans invade Denver

There has never been any doubt that Pittsburgh Steelers fans cover the globe. Invading Denver shouldn\’t be that difficult either. With one of the largest NFL fan-bases, Steelers fans are popping up in unexpected places in anticipation of tomorrow\’s AFC wild card playoff game.

Broncos Country will soon be converted to Steelers Nation as fans transform the landscape. Over 75 fans awaited the Steelers as their plane touched down today. Even Broncos players have seen fans decked out in Steelers gear.

Broncos coach John Fox urged fans to keep from selling their tickets to Steelers fans.  Fox wasn\’t impressed that the stadium would be filled with the loud Steelers fans or their mighty Terrible Towels.  In a statement, Fox said, “I would encourage [fans] to keep their seats so to speak and not sell them to Pittsburgh fans so our stadium remains as active and loud as it\’s been.  More blue and orange and opposed to (black) and gold.”

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said that the black and gold in the stands, especially on the road, “kind of blows most people away.”  He added, “When you\’re on the road and you have guys on other teams that aren\’t used to seeing that…they\’re like \’Holy Cow, what\’s going on?\’  It\’s a pretty neat feeling.”

Pittsburgh fans have been scouring ticket search engine sights like SeatGeek for deals.  Tickets will be available as disgruntled Broncos season-ticket holders may dump their seats as well.  The recent skid of Tim Tebow has caused some Broncos fans to deliberate on whether they will attend the Bronco\’s first post-season appearance in six years.

Coach Mike Tomlin said, “I am continually surprised and awed…particularly when we\’re out west.  We\’ve got world championship-caliber fans…that\’s why we work so hard to produce results on the field for them.”

If you\’re a Steelers fan and you\’re in Denver, be sure to remind their fans on Sunday just why that Terrible Towel is such a powerful weapon in rallying on the guys on the field; the ones in black and gold, that is.

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