Report: Bruce Arians Decision Rest With Mike Tomlin

There has been a lot of speculation over the last 24 hours if indeed Bruce Arians will return as The Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator in 2012 and it was fueled further by a report late on Wednesday by Gerry Dulac stating that he had learned that Arians might not be back next season. Art Rooney II told Bob Pompeani in a one-on-one interview on KDKA this evening that the decision to keep Arians or not is one that head coach Mike Tomlin will make. Mr. Rooney told Pompeani, “Well, that’s really Mike’s decision, I mean, and that’s the process Mike’s involved in right now is talking to all of the coaches about where they are and where they are with their contracts, so I think that’s something – I’ll leave it to those guys to kind of work out where we’re going on that front.”

So it seems right now that everything is still in limbo as far as Arians goes and no decision has been reached yet. Arians reportedly is set to go to Hawaii to the Pro Bowl as a guest of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. In addition to Arians, quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner is also reportedly going as a guest of Roethlisberger to the Pro Bowl. I will upload the full transcript of the Pompeani interview later tonight.

ETA: Here is the Q & A here as promised.

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