Steelers Ravens Week: Terrell Suggs Drops F-Bomb During Conference Call

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs did not disappoint the media today during his conference call in regards to the upcoming Sunday night game at Heinz Field. Dale Lolley and other members of the media tweeted that Suggs dropped the F-bomb less than one minute into his conference call when he used the F-word when he said, “f@#$ it. Let\’s do it.”

Suggs had some other great zingers and said that he considers Heinz Field to be his Madison Square Garden. When asked if he owns Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Suggs replied, “No man owns anybody, but if there\’s anybody who can bring him down by (himself), it\’s me.”

He also managed to call out Hines Ward during the call when he said, “You tell 86 I hope he plays. I\’d be really disappointed if 86 doesn\’t play.” Ward of course missed the game last week against the Patriots because of an ankle injury.

Considering the long history of great quotes in the Steelers-Ravens rivalry, you can bet you will be hearing sound bites from this call the rest of the week. It\’s Steelers Ravens week after all and you wouldn\’t expect anything else.

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