Steelers First Roster Cuts Prediction

The Steelers now need to get down to 80 players by Tuesday and that means 10 players must be trimmed off of the active roster. Below is my prediction of the moves that will be made. Running back Baron Batch has yet to be placed on injured reserve, so I figure that could be one of the moves coming. Miguel Chavis also tore his pectoral against the Falcons so I figure he will be placed on injured reserve or waived injured as well. I had Vaughn Charlton set to go until that injury happened. The Steelers will likely place Byron Leftwich on injured reserve as well, but they may wait for the next set of moves to do that. Below are my guesses at the upcoming roster moves that will take place over the coming days.

Projected Roster Moves
RB Baron Batch (injured reserve)
TE Miguel Chavis (injured reserve/waived injured)
S Brett Greenwood (waived)
G Colin Miller (waived)
WR Eric Greenwood (waived)
RB James Johnson (waived)
CB Niles Brinkley (waived)
T Trevis Turner (waived)
WR Kenneth Moore (waived)
LB Chris McCoy (waived)

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