Agent For Tiki Barber Says Two Teams Have Shown Significant Interest

Running back Tiki Barber was interviewed by Mike Francesa on WFAN Wednesday and it made for quite the confrontational interview. Barber was also joined on the line by his agent Mark Lepselter for some reason and he commented during the interview that two teams have shown significant interest in Barber and that one team has emerged as the favorite. Lepselter went on to say a few times that they feel they know where Barber is going.

Lepselter said he had discussions with a few teams prior to the lockout beginning and also during the brief period time when the lockout was temporarily lifted. He added that there were several coaches who Barber had a good relationship with, but didn\’t name any specific teams or coaches. The Giants still own the rights to Barber, but apparently have given him the go ahead to shop his services as they will be likely releasing him as soon as the lockout is over and free agency begins.

The interview with Francesa is quite long and actually ends more cordial than you would think it would. Barber is grilled on his motivation to return as well as his failed broadcasting career. I found it in poor taste though that his agent had to be on the line to baby sit though.

If you read between the lines though, as far as the teams interested in the services of Barber, it is easy to put two and two together and come to the conclusion that the Steelers could indeed be one of the two teams that are seriously interested in signing Barber. Mike Tomlin has not yet commented on this, but is expected to any time now.

Listen to the interview below:

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