Steelers Six From Around The Web – Tuesday May 31st – Thaddeus, Say It Ain\’t So Edition

The Sports Illustrated article on the Ohio State debacle is out as of yesterday and Thaddeus Gibson and Doug Worthington, are listed as players who sold memorabilia at the Columbus tattoo shop. Both had been 2010 draft picks of the Steelers and both are with different teams now.

The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to go after receiver Plaxico Burress once free agency begins according to Adam Caplan of The price tag and demand for Burress will be enough to keep him out of the Steelers sights.

Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News tries to justify why the Dallas Cowboys were right to select running back Felix Jones over Rashard Mendenhall in the 2008 draft.

Bob Labriola continues on with his 2010 season in review segment on as part 3 covers training camp and the preseason.

Ravens running back Ray Rice was voted the 56th best player in the NFL by the players in the ongoing Top 100 Players of 2011 segment on the NFL Network. A little high perhaps for my liking, but we have seen already these rankings are full of holes..

Denver Broncos big boss and former quarterback John Elway seems none too happy that a Colorado punk band has changed its name to Elway in honor of him and have been urged by the Broncos to stop using that name. Boy this lockout really needs to end.

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