Recap Of Ike Taylor Interview With Jim Rome

Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor started his interview with Jim Rome on Jim Rome is Burning by explaining the shirt he had that read his Twitter handle @Ike_SwagginU which he has had produced.

When asked about the current lockout ruling by Rome, Taylor said it is still business as usual for him as he continues his habit of working out with Tom Shaw down at the Wide World of Sports in Orlando. Ike says whatever happens, happens and thinks sooner or later they will get a deal done and says all he and others can do is to stay in shape.

When pressed further about the lockout situation, Ike told Jim he really hasn\’t been paying to much attention to the lockout and his focusing only on training and working out and staying out of trouble. Wants to be ready to go whenever some sort of agreement is reached.

Ike says he is not scaling back his training due to the liability issue and says he is full force down in Florida. He says that time will tell if more players are injured come time to start practicing with the team, because they might not be as in good of shape.

When asked about his free agency status with the Steelers and if he thought he would have had a deal done with the Steelers prior to the lockout, Ike said, once a player gets 8 or 9 years in they understand it is a business and says whatever happens, happens and that right now he is an unrestricted free agent and glad to be in this situation and says not many players reach that twice in their career, let alone three times as he has. Ike feels he has put himself in a good position though. He says hopefully someone will like Ike Taylor.

Rome asked what his decision will come down to in signing and Taylor says he really does not know at this point and says he is doing what his mother has suggested and that is praying about it. He says he will look at the situation as it unfolds and ask himself if that is the best situation for him and after that he will just move on.

Ike says he needs that market value when Jim asked him if he would give the Steelers a home town discount. He said he as been through too much and worked too hard and feels so under appreciated as well as underrated at his position and it is time for him to get his worth in whatever city that might be. Ike says somebody out there has to like Ike Taylor and that he does quite a bit on and off the field. He says he is clean cut and stays out of trouble and doesn’t bother anybody. He added he is good with the young and old guys on the team and says he is a simply guy without an ego and is a chameleonaire.

When pressed by Jim about the disrespect he talks about, Ike said it is mostly some media and fans that do not get to see him week in and week out. He says that his game tape will stack up against the tape of any top 5 cornerback in the league. Right now he just does not know if he will end his career as a Steeler. He says he would love to, but notes that usually they sign their potential free agents they want to keep a year out. He repeats that he is an unrestricted free agent and time will tell and that he is glad to be in the situation he is in currently.

When asked about the loss to the Packers in the Super Bowl, Ike said he would rather not make it to the big game if he can\’t win it. He says that he and a teammate sat in the back of the bus and cried like babies following the loss. He says the Steelers expect to be there and win it every year. The only way to get over that loss is to get back and win it again.

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