Jamie Dukes Refuses To Take Ownership For Comments About James Harrison

Jamie DukesLast night I posted about the comments that Jamie Dukes made about Steelers linebacker James Harrison on last night on NFL Total Access in which Dukes called Harrison the insane guy that just wants to hurt and maim everyone. Dukes was asked by Ken Laird on Trib Live Radio this afternoon about those comments and he refused to admit he made those remarks.

I found it pretty irresponsible that Dukes would not take ownership of those comments he made last night and it was sad to see him try to write those comments off as a joke and that they should not have been taken seriously. Well evidently Harrison took them seriously as he called both Dukes and fellow Total Access analyst Warren Sapp out today during an interview on the ESPN NFL Live this afternoon.

Perhaps Dukes thought no one would call him out for those comments, but I certainly did and so did Harrison. If you are going to make statements like that, you need to be ready to stand behind them and I have lost quite a bit of respect for Dukes for not doing so. We shall see if both Dukes and Sapp are on Total Access tonight and respond to the Harrison interview today.

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