Recap Of James Harrison Interview On NFL Live

ESPN reporter Mike Hill interviewed Steelers linebacker James Harrison today on NFL Live and below is a quick recap of the interview.

When asked about what part of the newest rules upsets him the most, Harrison said it was the contact of helmet where they will start calling anything whether it is incidental or whatever it may be. Harrison said he is not out there trying to hurt or maim anyone and launching yourself has always been illegal. Harrison chided Warren Sapp and Jamie Dukes for their comments last night calling him and LaMarr Woodley insane and believes those two are the insane ones for thinking he was fined for breaking that rule.

About his Twitter comment from Tuesday, Harrison said he is unemployed right now and that they can not fine him for anything. He went on to say the new rule is ridiculous. When asked if he thought the Steelers were being targeted by the new rules, Harrison said he thought they were not enforcing them equally across the board for all teams and said just certain teams and individuals were being singled out in his opinion. Harrison said it will not affect the way he plays the game going forward and says he was only fined for helmet contact last season and not launching himself as Sapp and Dukes suggested last night on NFL Total Access.

Harrison says he understands where the league is coming from, but says that it is an assumption of risk players take when playing this game. He says if it is not worth it to you, you get out of it.

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