Conference Call: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell & Steelers Season Ticket Holders

The well awaited conference call between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the Steelers season ticket holders took place this afternoon as Goodell fielded several questions regarding the lockout negotiations, rookie pay scale, preseason games, Super Bowl ticket distribution and the fines levied against linebacker James Harrison among several other great questions. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has audio of the conference call here or you can listen to it below as well.


Goodell said during the call that the league has not identified a “drop-dead date” in regards to canceling the entire 2011 regular season should the lockout carry on into when games are scheduled to begin being played. He went on to say that the league remains focused on getting teams back onto the field for right now and that owners are seeking system that will put some balance back into CBA. He also agrees that the rookie pay scale needs to be addressed as well as the retired players funds. When asked about helmet safety, Goodell said that no helmet is really concussion proof and that they are currently trying to get the helmet test results out to players so that they can make best their own decisions on them.

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