Steelers Six From Around The Web – Thursday April 28th – Hard Mocks Edition

Lance Zierlein, son of former Steelers offensive line coach Larry Zierlein, has a post up on how the Steelers stack their draft board and mock their own.

Ed Bouchette thinks that Texas cornerback Aaron Williams will be the pick tonight in round one and calls it a safe pick for the Steelers. Here too is his 1st round mock.

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock also has his mock draft up and he too thinks the Steelers take Williams and thinks there will be more trades this year than people have seen in the history of the NFL draft.

My final mock draft is up baring a trade out of the first round by the Steelers. I landed with Cameron Heyward as the selection. There is also a poll where you can vote your pick here.

Sports law professor Michael McCann takes a look at what Wednesday\’s ruling by Judge Susan Nelson means by denying the NFL\’s request for a stay of her lockout decision.

If you want to read the ruling by Judge Nelson, ESPN has the full PDF up and ready for download.

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