7 Steelers Players Make CBS Sportsline Top 100 NFL Players List Senior Writer Pete Prisco has put together his list of the Top 100 Current NFL Players over the past few days and it includes 7 Steelers players on it. Anytime you put out one of these list, it is sure to cause a stir as inevitably someone will be left off that is debatable. In the case of the Steelers listed by Prisco though, he seems to have nailed it as far as players on the list. One might argue that Hines Ward and Rashard Mendenhall belong in the top 100, but as Prisco notes at the end, Mendenhall just missed the cut and I think it is fair that Ward did not make the cut either.

I am as big of homer of fan as the next Steelers fan, but have to admit I find it funny that Maurkice Pouncey is rated ahead of Lawrence Timmons and Mike Wallace. Pouncey certainly had a great rookie season and looks to have a full and very productive career ahead of him, but ranking him the 44th best player is a stretch in my opinion. 94th would be much more believable in my opinion and as a matter of fact, it would be much more closer to the truth to flip-flop the Wallace and Pouncey spots.

These list are made to start discussion, which it has. The Steelers are tied with the Packers with the most players on the list at 7. That indeed is believable, but the order Prisco has some of these players in is way off in my opinion. Below are the rankings of the Steelers players on the list.

21. Ben Roethlisberger

24. James Harrison

28. Troy Polamalu

41. LaMarr Woodley

44. Maurkice Pouncey

55. Lawrence Timmons

89. Mike Wallace

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