Steelers Six From Around The Web – Wednesday March 9th – Pharaoh Sacked In An Elevator Edition

Steelers scout Mark Gorscak was present for the Tuesday Alabama A&M Pro Day where little known defensive tackle Frank Kearse was on display. Also on display were tackle Anquez Jackson, defensive tackle Korey Morrison, running back Ulysses Banks, inside linebacker Afu Okosun and wide receiver Rashad Johnson. Gorscak commented on only Kearse and Jackson in the article.

The NFL writers from are ranking the top at each position over the next few weeks and first up on Tuesday were the wide receivers. Mike Wallace came in 12th and one spot ahead of former Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes. 1 through 8 on the list I can live with, but ranking both Brandon Lloyd and Brandon Marshall ahead of Wallace and Holmes is foolish in my opinion. The running backs will be next up.

Elliot Harrison of wrote about the success the Steelers and Packers have had at finding and retaining talent. In 2010, 18 of the Steelers 22 starters have played their whole career with the black and gold.

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Ryan Clark made his weekly appearance on 93.7 The Fan to talk more about the future of free agent Ike Taylor and how he is encouraged by the current CBA talks deadline and thinks things moving in the right direction.

Mike Florio talked with Baylor defensive tackle Phil Taylor on the Tuesday PFT Live show and said his role model on the field is Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton.

Linebacker LaMarr Woodley was stuck in a hotel elevator yesterday and took a picture to remember the moment. Rest easy though, Woodley was rescued in about 30 minutes and was not forced to eat the people to stay alive. Long live Pharaoh Woodley and may I suggest taking the stairs next time?

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