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LaMarr Woodley Press Conference Transcript Thursday Super Bowl XLV

LaMarr Woodley Press Conference Transcript Thursday February 3rd Super Bowl XLV



(on how much of a challenge it is to play the Packers offense) “When teams spread us out, we just have to do a better job of getting pressure up front with a three-man rush, and I think teams are still trying to spread us out. We came back and played Baltimore in the playoffs a little bit. We came back and played the Jets. We still were able to get home a little bit.”

(on whose responsibility it is to get pressure) “It’s just making adjustments, going out there and changing up a few things because we know teams want to spread us out, try to get the receivers and linebackers matched up because they feel like they have an advantage over us, but I think that our outside linebackers, we do a good job covering.”

(on if the Packers are a bigger challenge than the Patriots or Saints in regards to using the spread offense) “All of them were good challenges, but I think since then, since losing to the Patriots and since losing to the Saints, I think that we’ve gotten that much better.”

(on what allows a franchise to have sustained success) “The type of players that we bring in. It’s all about the quality players that you bring in, respecting the history and tradition. Guys that come in and they don’t think about themselves. They think about the team. I think that’s the type of player that the Steelers bring in. Guys that come in and embrace everything.”

(on who is responsible for bringing in those types of players) “I guess it’s just when they go and recruit guys, when they go in and are looking at guys that are coming out, talking to coaches and seeing what kind of character that some of these guys have, if they’re team players or if they’re just out there showboating and thinking about themselves.”

(on what the coaches tell the players about Twitter usage) “A coach is only going to do so much when it comes to stuff like that. It’s all about the individual, how your attitude is towards Twitter, things that you want to say, things that you want to put out there. You have to be a smart person when you’re on Twitter and Facebook, stuff like that, because everybody can see it, so you have to make smart decisions.”

(on if he has rules for himself regarding Twitter) “Yeah. I’m not going to be doing anything, saying anything crazy on there. I just like to have fun and give away stuff on there, whether it’s Super Bowl tickets or autographed pictures.”

(on what the benefit of Twitter is for athletes) “Talking to the fans. Really having the opportunity to communicate with your fans. The fans can ask you questions on there. Sometimes there might be a write up in the paper or something that your words got twisted around a little bit, and the fans want to hear, ‘Did you really say that?’ And you have the opportunity to explain that to them on there.”

(on if he shakes his head at some of the things other players post) “Sometimes. I know definitely the thing where they were kind of criticizing Jay Cutler over there in Chicago. Some of those guys probably could have kept that to themselves.”

(on what it’s like when Head Coach Mike Tomlin gets on a roll in a speech) “He just talks from the heart. That’s what Coach Tomlin always does, is just kind of speaks from the heart. You respect a guy that does that, not somebody that has everything scripted. They’re just kind of coming out, just saying what’s on their mind.”

(on if his Saturday night ritual will be any different this week) “We’ll have meetings, and I’ll go as planned. Once I get back to the room, I’ll probably put on a movie and go to sleep. Nothing different at all. Be on the internet, watch a movie, and go to sleep.”

(on if there’s anything he wants to say to the people in offices in Pittsburgh that will be wearing black and gold on Friday)

“I wish they were here, because they put in all the work. Cheer for us at home, and we plan on bringing the parade back on Tuesday.”

(on if he heard Lil Wayne’s song that dissed the Steelers) “I heard about that. I think his team is sitting at home in New Orleans right now, so I guess he had to jump on the bandwagon of somebody so he decided to go with Green Bay.”

(on what it takes to be labeled a dynasty) “Somebody that’s consistently winning trophies, winning it all. That’s what creates dynasties.”

(on if a Super Bowl win on Sunday would make this team a dynasty) “It would count somewhat, but here in Pittsburgh it’s a higher standard because you have the Steel Curtain in front of you with four. It’s kind of hard to match that, so I think that if you’re the Pittsburgh Steelers, you have to get four to really be a dynasty.”

(on if anything has surprised him about this week) “Pretty standard stuff. Talking to the media, practicing yesterday for the first time. The only thing that surprised me was that snow storm that came. It kind of reminds me of being back in Pittsburgh.”

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