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James Harrison Press Conference Transcript Wednesday Super Bowl XLV

James Harrison Press Conference Transcript Wednesday February 2nd Super Bowl XLV



(on if he thinks Green Bay has become a more balanced team over the past few months) “Definitely within the last few weeks they have. They’ve been running the ball a lot better now than they had all season. They’ve turned into a two headed monster.”

(on the defense they have in place if Green Bay decides to spread them out) “It’s either to cover them up or find a way to get pressure.”

(on how he feels about an 18 game schedule) “I don’t think it is a good thing if you’re worried about player safety. You don’t go to lock your players out and take away all their health insurance. You’ve got players that have wives with kids on the way and when you lock us out, health insurance is gone. It’s nothing about player safety. It’s about them making money.”

(on if he expects to get locked out) “Yes.”

(on if it’s hard on him, considering his style of play, to add two more games) “When it comes down to it, bottom line, it’s about them making money. The biggest thing that hurt them was when Mr. Rooney came out and said that he would rather it stay at 16 games and that he doesn’t need the money. The way these guys bodies are feeling right now isn’t great and they talk about adding two more games. It’s going to be a far cry to keep these guys healthy the entire season.”

(on what he thought about Dan Rooney defending a 16 game schedule) “He’s the main voice and most respected voice among all the owners. He came out and said exactly what it is. It’s about them making money. It’s not about us. With them talking about player safety and all this fine stuff, that’s just a show to make them look better. It’s something to give the people to look at and have them think that they are trying to do something positive. They go into the back room and say; Let’s add two more games and after we lock you guys out we are going to take away health insurance. If you have a little child or one that is about to be born, you have to find an appropriate way to get them health insurance.”

(on if he thinks the Super Bowl is most important because of the uncertainty of the CBA) “We are here to play the game. As far as what as what happens after that, I don’t think who wins or loses effects whether they are going to lock us out. It’s no doubt to me that they are going to lock us out. Each team stands to make $30,000,000 whether we play a game or not next year. According to them, they aren’t making much money. If that’s the case, I don’t see any reason for them to let us back in. Maybe the year after that when they won’t be making any money, we might get something done.”

(on if he thinks the season would be disrupted next year if there were a lockout) “I think if they lock us out, they are going to lose a lot of fans. Honestly, it’s not going to kill us. It’s going to kill those people that rely on that year in and year out seasonal income. The bars and restaurants, the mom and pops shops, and the hotels and restaurants that have camps away make 40%-50% of their money based on the summer camps and the season.”

(on if he has any teammates or other colleagues that are in favor of an 18 game schedule) “No. Nobody wants to go 18 games. It’s not conducive to being healthy. It’s not conducive to player safety they say they’re so worried about.”

(on if he feels that him being fined during the season was justified or fair) “I could see if they are saying what they told me about not having any part of your helmet touching a player. I can see that. But, if you’re going to call that on me, call it across the board. Each week there are 30-40 guys who are doing the same thing and it’s not called as a penalty or a fine. Just call it straight across the board.”

(on if he feels that getting rid of two preseason games would be a plus) “Getting rid of two preseason games does nothing for us. Losing two games really hurts the guys who are undrafted. I was undrafted. They are not going to get the opportunity for that good preseason look. The guy who is drafted is going to get all the play time. The guy who isn’t drafted isn’t going to get that opportunity anymore. He’s just going to be a body that’s there for camp. Taking away those two game hurts those guys and it hurts the guys who are going to be playing all year as well.”

(on if he feels that not having an 18 game schedule is going to be a sticking point amongst the players) “I mean, I don’t know. I just hope I never have to play 18 games. You have a lot of stuff that comes into play with that. You talk about adding two more games and when you sign your contract for a 16 game schedule, that’s what you play out and that’s what they pay you on. Now you want to tell me that you want to change it to 18 games. What about my contract? Is it null and void now? Do I get a new contract? If I come to you and tell you that we have a 16 game schedule but I only want to play 14 games and I want you to pay me for all 14 games, we are going to be cool with that? That’s not happening.”

(on an 18 game schedule adding additional jobs for some who wouldn’t have made the team with a 16 game schedule) “Three or four extra roster spots is not going to get it done. You’re talking about two games. Right now we are very depleted on our offensive line. We have a lot of guys who are hurt. We have a nice little IR list right now and you talk about three or four players for two more games. When you think about it, you really need to get another true practice squad. I would say a whole two sides, offense and defense. I don’t know. I just work.”

(on if he buys any of the argument that the NFL is trying to protect its players) “I buy some of that. For the majority of the stuff that they are doing as far as the rule changes, I’m all for that, but when you do that and then say you want to add two more games, you’re contradicting yourself.”

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