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James Harrison Press Conference Transcript Thursday Super Bowl XLV

James Harrison Press Conference Transcript Thursday February 3rd Super Bowl XLV



(on how long he plans to play for) “I won’t sit here and say that I want to play as long as I can. That’s not true. I want to try and play out my contract and if I get that done, I’m through. Like I said, everybody has to take into account their own health and think about things. With all the concussion stuff that’s out, I’d walk away right now and say, ‘Here, take it. It’s not worth it and I’m more worried about my health.’ But, right now, I’m going to take my chances and live with whatever I have to live with later on down the line and hope I come out of it better than most. I’m not going to sign another contract. Right now, I’m going to play the game like I’ve been playing it – the way it’s supposed to be played. I want to be able to run around and play with my kids. The game takes a toll on your body with guys getting their knees replaced, hips replaced (and) shoulders replaced. I don’t want to be that guy that at 40-years-old has to get every joint in my body replaced because it is torn up. I want to be able to sit there and enjoy my kids.”

(on if he was putting his health first, would he walk away right now) “No, I’m taking that risk. I’m willing to take that risk. I’m happy to do what it is I need to do so that my kids don’t have to want or need for anything or they don’t have to go through the same things that some of these other guys are going through right now. If my kids want to play sports, I’m all for it. If they want to play football, I’m going to allow it because that’s what I did. But, I’m not going to push them or force them to do anything. I’m hoping they go to school and become a lawyer or doctor or something. Like I said, it’s something I’m willing to take. I’m obviously not that worried about my health to say, ‘Hey, I’m backing out.’ It’s just the chance you have to take. It’s the dangers of doing whatever it is you have to do.”

(on Coach Tomlin’s comments saying that they players are using the Super Bowl as a forum to send a message to the commissioner) “I’m not trying to send a message. I’m just trying to say how I feel. If that’s sending a message to him, then so be it.”

(on if they will try to rattle Aaron Rodgers because of his history with concussions) “A history of concussions has nothing to do with it. That’s part of football. You want to get after a quarterback. If the quarterback can sit back there and pass like it’s seven-on-seven, then you’re not doing your job. We need to get pressure to him to throw him off his timing, throw him off his game. It has nothing to do with concussions.”

(on Rodgers ability to make plays both with his arm and his running) “That’s it. He’s seeing the field. He’s reading things out. He’s getting the ball to his people. He’s the hottest thing going right now. His offensive line is doing a great job of protecting him. They’re starting to run the ball pretty well. Even when you do get an opportunity to get to him, he evades pressure very well. We’re going to have to play an ‘A+’ game to even be competitive with them this game.”

(on if he has intentionally been outspoken this week) “If you ask me a question, I’ll give you an answer. I’m not worried about anything. This is a free world. I can say what I want to as long as I don’t cuss you or anything else. I can say what I want to. It’s my opinion. I’ve never seen a rule in the NFL rule book that says I can’t speak my opinion as long as I didn’t use any perverse words.”

(on if he felt vindicated when the League refunded some of his fine money) “No, that was just a token of I don’t know what. I don’t know why they did that really, to be honest with you. They gave other guys’ money back, so they had to give me money back, I guess.”

(on who he talked to when considering retirement earlier this season) “I talked to my family. I talked to Coach Tomlin. I talked to my teammates. It lasted about a day or two. That was really it. Then I cooled off.”

(on if that was the lowest he felt) “I didn’t feel low. It was anger. It was frustration. That is what it was.”

(on if he’s bitter that his season was overshadowed by his fines) “I want to say no, but honestly, yeah, I’m a little bitter about it. But when it comes to it, we’re in the big dance for the ultimate prize even after all that, so I can’t be too upset.”

(on why they respond to Coach LeBeau so well) “Because he’s like a father to you. He’s like a father figure, someone that you look up to. You respect him because of who he is. You respect him because he’s played the game. You respect him because he’s been in the game for 50 years. You respect him because he respects you. You don’t want to go out there and let him down. You don’t want to let your father down, so you don’t want to go out there and let him down. You don’t want to let your brothers down. It comes down to respect and a feeling like you owe him everything.”

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