2010 Playoffs

Heath Miller Super Bowl XLV Media Day Interview Transcript

Quotes from Pittsburgh Steelers MEDIA DAY

Tight End Heath Miller

(on his role in the Steelers offense) “I think as an offense we have a lot of weapons and we do a good job of spreading the ball around. I think if we all execute the way that we should and that we are capable of, then we usually operate pretty well. “

(on what the team’s young receivers have meant to the offense) “They have done a great job. (Mike) Wallace, (Antonio) Brown and (Emmanuel) Sanders, all three of those guys. Mike has made huge big plays for us, Antonio has come in toward the end of the year and made big plays and Emmanuel has come in and made plays for us throughout the year. We are not sitting here today without those guys.”

(on Hines Ward and what he means to the team) “He has been here for as long as I have been here and he continues to play at a high level. he continues to lead our offense, and I think he’s one of the reasons we’re here today. He’s one of the reasons the Steelers have been successful for as long as they have been.”

(on Ben Roethlisberger) “I think Ben has had a great year. He came back, he’s led the team and I am proud of the way he has handled everything throughout this year. I’m happy he’s with us today.”

(on what makes the Rooney family stand out) “I could be wrong with this, but this is Mr. (Dan) Rooney’s business, football. Before he became Ambassador to Ireland, he and his son, I speak the same for Art as I do for Dan, they are there every day. They come to work at the Steelers’ facility with us every day. They are at practice every day, shaking hands with us, saying hello to us and asking us how our families are. I feel like there is a personal connection that goes along with that and I think that goes a long way when you are running a business. It could be any type of business, but especially in football, it goes a long way.”

(on how Roethlisberger has changed this season) “I don’t like to talk about things or compare things in that way, in terms of change. But I think anytime you are taken away from your team, I know for me anytime I am away from the team whether it’s by injury or in his case by suspension, I think you are very grateful for the time that you have with your teammates. I think he has approached it that way. He came back ready to be our leader and he’s done a great job.”

(on whether having a big-play receiver like Mike Wallace takes the pressure off other receivers) “Mike is a big-play threat. He’s made huge plays throughout the season and in the playoffs, too. Teams have made it a point to not give us that big play, the home run ball that we’ve had throughout the regular season. When that happens, your underneath guys are going to have to go to work and get our chunks in 15 or 20 yards and not 50 or 60 yards that Mike gets us. It works hand in hand and hopefully he’ll shake free in the Super Bowl.”

(on his advice to younger players that haven’t been in this situation before) “Enjoy the moment. Obviously we are here to win the football game on Sunday, but you never know how many times you are going to be here on this stage, so really soak everything in and enjoy it.”

(on what the offense needs to do to move the ball successfully against the Packers secondary) “It’s going to be tough. They have one of the best secondaries in the League and they couple that with a great pass rush. It’s going to be tough, but I think it’s going to take execution on all fronts: protection-wise, scheme-wise and receivers getting open. I think it’s going to take all of those things.”

(on Clay Matthews) “He’s a disrupter. He gets after the quarterback, he’s relentless, and he’s definitely someone who we are going to have to keep off of Ben’s back because he can wreak havoc and change the course of a game very quickly. He is one of the best and, couple that with the other defensive linemen that they have, they have a good squad.”

(on Roethlisberger’s ability to move in the pocket and escape sacks) “We hope it never comes to that, but Ben does a great job of somehow getting out of pressure and making plays downfield. We’re not going to plan for that to happen, but if it does and Ben makes a great play, then that will be good.”

(on why Pittsburgh is so attractive to players) “I think the Rooney’s have a special organization here. They have a plan of how they do things that has proven to be successful over the years and they are consistent. They stick to it and ultimately, I think this a special place and I think guys realize that.”

(on whether players who have played for other teams say that Pittsburgh is different) “That’s kind of what I have learned over the years. This is the only place I have ever been, so I’ve been lucky and fortunate to have been drafted here and be a part of this organization. But then some guys, like a Larry Foote who’s been in Detroit for a year and then comes back or Antwaan Randle El who’s been away wants to come back, I think that speaks volumes about this organization. Not to say anything bad about Detroit or Washington, but I think it speaks to the good things about this organization.”

(on his role as a blocker in the run game) “I think playing in this offense is pretty neat. We are asked to do a lot of things, which is fun. We are asked to do a lot of blocking, whether it be on the line of scrimmage, from the backfield or as part of the passing game. That is fun for me as a tight end.”

(on how the Super Bowl experience is different the third time) “It’s special every time. The more you do it the more you try to soak everything in and appreciate the situation that this is.”

(on what he’ll be feeling when he takes the field on Sunday) “I’m sure it will be an exciting time. This stadium is pretty nice. I was excited to get here and see it. To be taking the field for the game, there will probably be a lot of build up, we are just getting started with it, but it will be exciting.”

(on what the Packers have done to try and take the tight end away in other games) “I don’t really pay attention, position-wise. When I watch them on film I see a really good defense. Their secondary is one of the best and then their front seven is also one of the best. They have a lot of good defensive linemen and obviously, Clay Matthews on the edge. As an offense, we’re going to have to execute. We are going to have to be on top of our game, we can’t afford to let them have any big plays. We are probably going to have to play one of our better games that we’ve played all year.”

(on whether he envisioned returning to the Super Bowl for a second time so soon) “This is your goal every year, to get to this point in the year. I didn’t really think about it long term, I just knew it was our goal as a team to put ourselves in position to be playing for the Super Bowl. Here we are.”

(on whether he thinks Sunday’s game will be closer than their last meeting) “I’m sure it will be a lot tighter. Our defense is playing really well and their defense is playing really well. That’s not to take anything away from either team’s offense because I feel like both offenses, as a team, both teams are playing well. I would be surprised if there were that many points scored.”

(on what his previous Super Bowl experience means) “Not a lot, outside of what to expect on Media Day, probably not a lot. Ultimately, it’s going to come down to playing a football game on Sunday and it’s going to be what team executes, prepares and plays the best on Sunday.”

(on what Flozell Adams has brought to the offensive line) “He’s brought a lot of experience and a little bit of steadiness, especially since we lost our original right tackle during the summer time to an injury. Flozell has come in and steadied that position. He has played great and the guys were welcoming to him, as we all expected them to be, and he’s fit in to the way we do things. He’s been a veteran presence as well.

(on Emmanuel Sanders) “He has done a good job, not only as a receiver, but he realized early on that you need to be a part of special teams. It’s pretty remarkable to see him running down on kickoffs making plays for our team. That’s just as important as the third down catches he comes up with in tough situations. He’s a big part of what we do.”

(on having success during Roethlisberger’s suspension) “Everybody in the locker room was confident that we would win. No matter who missed the game, we feel confident that we are going to win. Whether it be with Troy (Polamalu), out or James Harrison is out, or Ben, Rashard (Mendenhall) or anybody, we feel like we can get this done. I think that is a testament to the resolve of the group and the faith we all have in each other.”

(on Roethlisberger leading the Steelers to three Super Bowls in six years) “I think he should be mentioned with the top quarterbacks in the League. There is no question about it. A lot of times other quarterbacks play a prettier game or a neater game than Ben plays, but the bottom line is, the guy just wins games. I think that’s what you should judge quarterbacks by, how often they bring their teams home as winners. He does that quite a lot for us.

(on if any part of the Steelers’ game is pretty) “Probably not to be honest with you. Ben fits that mold just like the rest of us do. I think we work well together that way.”

(on becoming an AFC power over the last six seasons) “I don’t think we ever really thought of it that way. We just approach each year and each game on an individual basis, and try to be the best we can over those years.”

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