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Bryant McFadden Press Conference Transcript Wednesday Super Bowl XLV

Bryant McFadden Press Conference Transcript Wednesday February 2nd Super Bowl XLV



(on the game plan against the Packers receivers) “In practice, we go up against some extraordinary guys as the world has seen. A lot of the younger guys like Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown give us great looks. Their receivers probably don’t have a size advantage, they’re six foot, six-one. They’re definitely fast and quick, so we get the best detail that you can possibly expect to see. It’s kind of hard to try and emulate another guy but they do a very good job for us. They try to give us the best possible adjustment that we think that we’re going to see on Sunday.

(on beginning to practice again after an injury) “I’m fired up. It’s weird that the last week of practice has been the most highly anticipated time. This time, you have to really be geared up and enjoying it because there are 30 other teams that would really love to be in this situation now. The only thing that could take the excitement out of practice is if we were outside today. Everyone is pretty giddy.”

(on Florida State’s incoming football recruits) “We have some good things going on. I continue to associate myself with those guys and the coaches there. I’m just happy to see it going up and up.”

(on his year away from Pittsburgh last season before coming back) “It was good. It was a period that most people go through in their career. We went through that situation and it was a pretty good experience out there. Getting traded back here was actually a blessing. What more can I ask for? It took a day or two for things to settle in, and then I came right back into it. It wasn’t really something that was expected from that end. Situations happen sometimes and you can’t really control or worry about a situation. The first thing I said when I had that desire to be traded to any other team, it would be to be traded to Pittsburgh.”

(on whether he followed the Steelers last season while he was away) “A little bit. The time difference was the biggest adjustment for me. A lot of games I didn’t get a chance to see, but I still communicated. I communicated with the guys through the phone or text message whatever the case may be. Actually getting the visual (of the game) was not as much as I would have liked it.”

(on Aaron Rodgers season so far) “I’m very impressed. He has done a dynamic job for the offense. He’s playing at a very high level. I’m also impressed with his accuracy. He is able to throw the ball very consistently and accurately on the run so that can be a very, very big challenge for the defense as a whole. A lot of guys who are mobile, you were hope that they are not accurate, and he does a very good job of being accurate when he’s on the run.”

(on the challenge of disguising blitzes against Rodgers) “That’s another challenge. He seems very comfortable whenever he gets the idea that the blitz is coming. Our job is to a great job of disguising it and keeping up with the chess match, keeping him thinking because you don’t want him to know where everything is coming from because that’s where he has a lot of success. It has to be a group effort as far as a lot of movement, everyone moving on the same page and just not lining up whatever the defense is called because it gives him an added dimension to his game.”

(on Green Bay’s wide receivers) “Yeah, I think so. In this league, there are going to be new challenges every day whenever you’re playing against an offense especially when you have receivers like they have produced nowadays. I think this group presents challenges because they have four or five down the roster and all those guys line up at different positions at any given time. You can see any one of those guys in the inside or outside, so that gives them a lot of things as far as issues (for us) with movement with them to put their guys in different situations and positions. That presents a big challenge. I think that from watching them on film and seeing some of their games this year, they’re doing a great job and playing as one of the best receiving corps.”

(on playing against Green Bay’s five wide receiver sets) “Yeah, we have enough guys. We have more than enough packages. Like you said, a lot of times you don’t see that because a lot of times they don’t present that option to you. We know that is something that they could possibly present to us. One thing about Coach LeBeau is that he has like a dictionary full of plays, coverages, and blitzes. He sometimes gives us something out of the wood shed a little bit and presents us with something to study and something maybe we can to expect to see on Sunday.”

(on whether he expects to see action as just a nickel back) “I’m planning on being in there full-time. I feel good with my injury. I plan on practicing and making sure that I’m in rhythm most importantly and that I’m not in a situation where certain things are painful. I feel really good walking around and I’m not feeling any pain as I was before. As long as my body feels routine like it did during the season, I’ll be back in a regular rhythm.”

(on biggest concern heading into the game) “I feel pretty good. The biggest concern is just getting through the week because sometimes it gets to be a little bit distracting with family members, hotels, rental cars, and everyone situated. That is going to be the biggest concern.”

(on bringing family to the game) “I have quite a few. I don’t know the exact number and it’s still fluctuating right now because it’s still only Wednesday. There are still quite a few people coming so hopefully it won’t be too distracting.”

(on whether the Steelers can be considered a dynasty) “I think so. Three in six years is very big. I guess it’s up for the fans and the media to decide that. You have to be called something good.”

(on what type of game Super Bowl XLV will be) “I think it will be a good game. A close nail-biter. I hope it goes in our favor, but it’s going to be a good game that everyone can enjoy.

(on what he personally wants to accomplish in the Super Bowl) “If I can have the best game of my life Sunday, I would really appreciate it. Whatever that may call; making interceptions or just playing good football. I would love for this to say this is the best game of my career so far.”

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